Vardges A. Ulubabyan
Vardges A. Ulubabyan
Electoral system, district Proportional
Date of birth 08.11.1963
Political Party "Free Motherland"
Faction "Motherland"

Born - November 8, 1963 in Stepanakert

1980 – Finished Stepanakert secondary school No8

1980-1982 – Worked at Stepanakert condenser workshop

1982-1984 – Served in the Soviet Army

1984-1986 – Studied at the Civil Engineering Institute in the city of Penza

1986-1988 – Entered and graduated from Penza State Institute of Culture (theatre producer)

1988 – Came back to Stepanakert and started work in the TV and Radio as an assistant director

1989 – Actively participated in the Defense Army of Artsakh, received numerous wounds, and then entered the service in NKR political department as a senior officer. 1993 - Participated in the creation of the NKR press service and program "Goyamart"

1995-1998 – Worked at Artsakh TV and Radio as a chief director

1998 – Served first as a cameraman for the management of information and propaganda in the RA Ministry of Defense, then as a director in the NKR Ministry of Defense

June 2003 - Demobilized and sent to the service pension

2001-2007 – studied and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Saint-Petersburg State University 

From 2003 – Cameraman at the Public Television of Armenia

2007-2009 – Director of Artsakh Public TV

2008 – Appointed Head of the archive department

May 23, 2010 parliamentary elections – Deputy NA NKR of the fifth convocation on the proportional list of the “Free Motherland” party

May 3, 2015 parliamentary elections – Deputy NA NKR of the sixth convocation on the proportional list of the “Free Motherland” party

Deputy Chairman of the NKR NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Youth and Sports

Member of the “Free Motherland” party

Member of the parliament faction “Motherland”

Married, with three children

Awarded the order of “Battle Cross”, 2nd degree (25.07.1994) and the "Gratitude" medal (03.06.2013).