Arzik M. Mkhitaryan
Arzik M. Mkhitaryan
Electoral system, district Majority, 3
Date of birth 06.11.1946
Political Party "Free Motherland"
Faction "Motherland"

Born - November 6, 1946 in the village of Kochoghot, Martakert region, Nagorno Karabakh

1963 – Finished Martakert secondary school No1

1963-1968 - Entered and finished Philological faculty of Yerevan State University. The same year started to work as an Armenian language and Literature school teacher at the village school of Drmbon

1969 – Started to work as a teacher of Armenian language and Literature at Stepanakert school No8. The same year was invited to work at Stepanakert Institute as a lecturer

1982 – Elected Head of the institute Trade Union

1986 - Defended her thesis with a degree of PhD on Psychology

Since 1986 – Member of the Union of Psychologists of national academies of Russia and Armenia

1987 – Elected first secretary of the institute party organization

Active participant of Artsakh National Liberation Movement. Elected board member the public organization "Krunk" and deputy chairman of the charity organization "Amaras"

1989 – Elected Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Biology

1996 - Elected Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

2010-2015 - Occupied the position of the dean of the Pedagogy

Author of two textbooks and 42 scientific articles

2000 - Received the title of a professor

 2007 - Received the honorary title of Honored Scientist of the NKR

Awarded state and department awards of Merit. Awarded the order “Mesrop Mashtots“ and medal “Vachagan Barepasht“

Since 2014 – member of the “Free Motherland” party

May 3, 2015 parliamentary elections – Elected deputy National Assembly of NKR of the sixth convocation from majority district No3

May 21, 2015 – Elected Chairman of the NKR NA on Foreign Relations

Married, with three sons

Awarded the "Mesrop Mashtots" Order (27.12.2014) and "Vachagan Barepasht" Medal (01.09.2001).