Grigory I. Kasparyan
Grigory I. Kasparyan
Electoral system, district Proportional
Date of birth 11.10.1948
Political Party "Free Motherland"
Faction "Motherland"

Born - October 11, 1948 in the city of Stepanakert.

1966 - Finished Stepanakert secondary school No4

1966 - Started to work in Yerevan factory of automobile repair as a locksmith-tinsmith

1967 - Entered Yerevan Veterinary Institute, from which he graduated in 1972 with a specialty of a stockbreeder. The same year he started to work in Hadrout farm named after Lenin as a major stockbreeder

August 1972 - Went to work for a district foreman at the Stepanakert interfarm association for cattle fattening

December 1972 - November 1973 - served in the Soviet Army

1974  -  started to work as a senior commodity specialist in the Nagorno-Karabakh Regional provision consumer society. In August the same year he joined Stepanakert complex experimental Station of as a junior researcher

1976 - Entered the graduate school of All-Union Institute of livestock, and in July transferred to the correspondence department and went to work in Stepanakert experimental zone-station as a senior researcher

March 1985 - Defended his thesis, received a PhD in Biological Sciences

1986-1994 – Director ofthe NKR Statetribal associations

August to October 1994 -  occupied the post of the General Director of Scientific-productive association "Karabakh"

1994-1996 - Minister of Agriculture and Food of NKR

1997-2001 - Director of the subsidiary “Hay Hatsahatik”

2001-2007 – Director of the LLC “Breeding Centre”

2007-2010 – Deputy Minister of Agriculture of NKR

2010-2014 – Director of CJSC "Breeding station" of the Ministry of Agriculture of NKR

2014 to 2015 – Adviser to the NKR Minister of Agriculture

May 3, 2015 - Elected deputy to the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation by the proportional list of the "Free Motherland" party

Member of the parliamentary faction “Free Motherland”

Member of the NKR NA Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management

Married, with two daughter

Awarded the "Gratitude" medal (13.10.2012).