September 9 This Year, a Comment was published on the Facebook page of Samvel Babayan's press service, which does not correspond to reality
11 September 2023


September 5 this year, the National Assembly staff spread information on why the application of Samvel Andranik Babayan, who was nominated by the "United Motherland" faction a candidate for the President of the Republic, was rejected due to the lack of a document required by the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh.

September 7, the Head of the "United Motherland" faction, M. Petrosyan was warned about the lack of the corresponding document and it was noted that the Department of Visas and Passports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had the opportunity to provide the document by the end of that day before 24:00. And the staff of the National Assembly was ready to accept it. Moreover, in this regard, on September 8, Mr. M. Petrosyan was informed that the law provides an opportunity to supplement the unsubmitted document. Mr. Petrosyan stated that "at this stage" they will not submit any documents.

It is stated in the comment published on the Facebook page of Mr. Babayan's press service on September 9 this year: “On the same day, the court decision was attached to Samvel Babayan’s application to nominate a candidate for the presidency of the republic and submitted to the National Assembly, but it was again rejected, citing the fact that the package of documents does not represent a court decision, but is a certificate issued on the basis this decision.”

The above is absolutely a false and untrue information. In addition to the application dated September 5, 2023 No. 70 by the "United Fatherland" faction of the relevant section of the National Assembly no other documents have been entered.

By spreading such false information, Samvel Babayan and the people gathered around him are trying to create a tense atmosphere in public circles. At the same time, they are trying to discredit the state institutions of the Republic of Artsakh with baseless talk, including the institutions of the Artsakh presidency and the National Assembly, which is nothing more than paying tribute to the wishes of the enemy.

By the way, such an untrue information was spread by Mr. Babayan in his congratulatory message addressed to the President of Azerbaijan on September 9. Mr. Babayan writes: "I consider it necessary to inform you that late yesterday evening a meeting was convened with the participation of the acting president of the Republic and political forces during which I was asked to refrain from political action...".

We consider it necessary to emphasize that Mr. Babayan was invited to the National Assembly, informed about some developments and decisions made on that issue. He was not "asked", but DEMANDED and WARNED to refrain from organizing any action. Mr. Babayan gave his consent.