"United Motherland" faction leader Marcel Petrosyan’s Speech at the NA Special Sitting
09 September 2023


Dear Colleagues,

    The shock of November 9, 2020 continues to have a negative impact on all spheres of our lives today, especially in the field of management, keeping paralyzed. From that day to this day, no notable or significant event has taken place in Artsakh aimed at satisfying the most basic rights and needs of our people.

Meanwhile we, as a component of the government, have persistently continued to feed the public with fictitious and deceptive hopes and illusions, manipulating the people's patience, faith and trust to the extent that we have finally exhausted that resource. The proof is the illogical resignation of the president, which raises doubts. The unwillingness to face the reality was a major problem for the previous authorities.

From the ceasefire in 1994 until the 44-day war and its end, we were mainly engaged in self-deception, we issued propaganda garbage on a daily basis, which has become a modus operandi (a way of working), and Arayik Harutyunyan was a part of it. And today we are witnessing the fact that we are not forming a new government based on the conviction of finding a way out of the created miserable situation, but without additional efforts, we are reproducing that government, ensuring the integrity of its legacy.

For any government, involving new fresh forces, rooting new ideas and thinking is dangerous, if not deadly. Currently, the reproduction of power, ensuring heredity is a mandatory requirement, because its exclusion means revealing the full picture of the entire process of washing and pulverizing astronomical funds during the past decades.

In this regard, it is no coincidence that a group of privileged bureaucrats secretly, behind closed doors, hastily made a judgment in a narrow circle, who to choose as a presidential candidate to guarantee their enjoyment. But where are the oppositional attitudes of the three so-called opposition factions of the National Assembly? This issue has also been resolved. One can easily guess how such matters are resolved in the upper echelons. It is extremely sad when the factions that declared themselves as opposition in the National Assembly managed to win more or less the public's sympathy with their loud and noisy statement. And currently it turns out that they only performed the mission of a Trojan horse introduced in the National Assembly by the authorities.

The "United Motherland" faction is not involved in the search for a presidential candidate behind closed doors. That said, they avoided making us a participant in the process of making a fatal choice for the country. It turns out, the issue has been resolved and it would be pointless and dangerous to communicate with the "United Motherland" in this regard. By the way, after all, it is the second political force in the National Assembly and has around twenty thousand voters behind it...

After us the deluge. Otherwise, it is hard to explain the unprecedented behavior of yesterday's government. How can the "United Motherland" political force, in the atmosphere of such a sarcastic attitude towards the country, look for edges of trust and cooperation with the authorities, who turned the elections into appointments with a flick of a wrist. And it's no coincidence that the police refuse то provide Samvel Babayan with a certificate of residence required to run as a presidential candidate. We are forced to go to court to resolve the issue. And there is no time left for meetings, or for the disclosure and presentation of programs. And we consider this to be the election of the head of the country. Artsakh is the property of one or several persons, not the people. And it is no coincidence that the circumstance of nominating a presidential candidate is the decision of a group of bureaucrats who consider this their priority task under the law.

It turns out that in Artsakh a person, who does not have a vision package of what to do in the future, can be elected a president. We consider it pointless to talk about the program package.

Nothing surprising. For a long time now, the authorities have been pretending that we don't exist, all our proposals and presented programs are unacceptable and harmful.

They didn't even consider it worthy to inform us about the upcoming changes with the tip of their tongue. We are actually stumped by a fact from which the United Motherland faction sees the only way out in the decision not to participate in a closed secret ballot.

We have been and continue to be a pro-state, but not pro-government political force. We will stand by the people and continue to protect their rights.