Artsakh Republic National Assembly Convened a Special Sitting
09 September 2023


September 9, a special sitting of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly was convened, at which Samvel Shahramanyan was elected President of the Republic of Artsakh.

In accordance with Article 168.1 of the Constitution of the, Article 149.1 of the Law "Regulations of the National Assembly", a special sitting was convened on the election of the President of the Republic. It was conducted by Gagik Baghunts, the Acting President of the Artsakh National Assembly. He said that in accordance with the established procedure and within the established time frame, the parliamentary factions “Free Motherland-UCA”, “Justice”, “Armenian Revolutionary Federation “Dashnaktsutyun””, “Democratic Party of Artsakh” nominated Samvel Sergeevich Shahramanyan as a candidate for president of the republic.

Speeches were made by the leaders of the factions that nominated the candidate.

Artur Harutyunyan, the Head of the "Free Motherland-UCA" faction, presented the candidate's biography and noted that they came to this decision after meeting with the candidate and getting acquainted with his plan.

Artur Mosiyan, the Head of the ARF faction, singled out the ability to make a decision for the head of the country, honesty, decency and the experience of the state system, noted that Samvel Shahramanyan is the bearer of these qualities: "The Federation shares his vision on the future of Artsakh," said Mosiyan.

"Our task is to keep the state system strong," Gegham Stepanyan, secretary of the "Democratic Party of Artsakh" faction, said in his speech, noting that these days we have a unique opportunity to unite. He called to rise above party and sectional interests.

MPs Aramayis Aghabekyan and Karen Hovhannisyan raised questions.

Then the presidential candidate Samvel Shahramanian made a speech. He highlighted the importance of the presidency institution in facing the existing challenges and the need for the head of state to have the ability to soberly assess reality and refrain from illusions.

Among the program provisions, the candidate highlighted strengthening statehood, establishing internal stability, realizing Artsakh’s right to self-determination, improving the socio-economic situation of the people, and establishing law and order. Samvel Shahramanyan touched upon regional challenges, the policies pursued by Azerbaijan, and relations between Artsakh and Armenia.

"Nagorno-Karabakh should get a status, we should have a direct connection with Armenia through the Lachin corridor, other roads can be opened, but they should not replace the corridor.

Negotiations are necessary, the format can be either multilateral or bilateral with a third-party guarantee, Stepanakert must be the subject of negotiations,” the presidential candidate said.

He spoke of waging an irreconcilable struggle against the steps that undermine the foundations of statehood and about the need to consolidate all forces in keeping Artsakh Armenian.

After the speech, the presidential candidate answered the MPs' questions.

Marcel Petrosyan, the leader of the "United Motherland" faction, gave a speech during the exchange of ideas. Noting the obstacles in the implementation of the electoral rights of the candidate, representative of the second force of parliament Samvel Babayan, he noted that he sees the process of reproduction of power and said that the United Motherland faction decided not to participate in the vote.

In the final speech, Samvel Shahramanyan appealed to the MPs to vote with conscience and conviction.

Samvel Shahramanyan was elected president of the Republic of Artsakh by a secret ballot with a ratio of 22 votes to 1 against.

The President-elect was congratulated by the Acting President of the Republic of Artsakh David Ishkhanyan. He welcomed the decision taken during this crucial period, calling it fateful.

Samvel Shahramanian thanked everyone and expressed readiness to cooperate in an atmosphere of trust.