Ruslan E. Israelyan
Ruslan E. Israelyan
Electoral system, district Proportional
Date of birth 19.10.1961
Political Party nonpartisan
Faction independent MP

Born - October 19 1961, in the village of Berdashen, Martouni region, Nagorno Karabakh

1978 - Finished Berdashen secondary school

1980-1982 - Served in the Soviet Army

1983 - Graduated from Stepanakert Agricultural College with honors

1983-1986 - Mechanic in Berdashen kolkhoz named after Kirov

1986-1987 - Senior inspector of the Financial department of the regional administration of Nagorno Karabakh

1987-1989 - Senior auditor in the Audit Office of NKAO

1988 - Graduated from Finance-Accounting department of Yerevan Institue of National Economy with the specialty of “Finance and Credit”

1989 - 1992 - Deputy Director General of Nagorno-Karabakh association of housing and communal services

Since late 1987 - Actively participated in Artsakh liberation movement

1991 - Deputy Commander of the NKR self-defense forces for logistics

December 1991 - Formed a special reconnaissance detachment and became its commander

1992-1993 - Served in the NKR National Security State Office while continuing to participate in different military operations

1994-1997 - Company Commander Served in the Central Defense Region of NKR Defense Army, later - Deputy а Battalion commander

Participated in a number of battles for the liberation of Shushi and several settled areas

July to the end of 1997 - Head of special department of the NKR military procurators office

1998-2000 Head of the Departments of inspection and operational management of the State Tax Administration

Chief inspector and operational management of the NKR State Tax Administration

2000-2004 Director of "Garni" Ltd

Since 2004 Director of "Flash plus" Ltd

May 23, 2010 - Elected deputy to the NKR NA of fifth convocation by the proportional system on the list of the Free Motherland party. Was member of Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement

2011 to 2015 - General director of CJSC "Stepanakert Cognac Factory"

May 3, 2015 - Elected deputy to the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation by the proportional list of the Free Motherland party

May 21, 2015 - June 8, 2018 - Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management

June 7, 2018 - Resigned from “Free Motherland” party and "Motherland" faction membership

June 8, 2018 - Member of the NA Budget, Financial and Economic Management Standing Committee

Married, with three children

Awarded the "Battle Cross" Order of 1st Degree (02.09.1999), "Mesrop Mashtots" Order (16.02.2018), the medal "For Liberation of Shoushi" (08.05.2003), the medal of "Marshal Baghramyan", the “Gratitude” and a number of other commemorative medals.