Congratulatory Message of the Artsakh Republic NA President, Artur Tovmasyan, on the 35th Anniversary of the Artsakh Public Television
01 June 2023


Dear Artsakh Public Television staff members,

I heartily congratulate all the creative and technical staff of Artsakh Public Television on the professional holiday, 35th anniversary.

You, indeed, have earned a credible and rich reputation for consistently covering all areas of public life, to properly ensuring the media field, in the commitment to provide high-quality aesthetic taste to the Artsakh TV audience.

It was in the days of the Artsakh awakening rapid upsurge, when Stepanakert showed every family of Artsakh spoke from the TV screens, giving its symbolic start from the "We are, our mountains" memorial.

Glory and honor to those popular figures who appeared at the beginning of the founding of Artsakh Television, some of whom have passed away, others continue to contribute to various structures of the state government.

Artsakh Public Television is a statistic testament to the entire struggle of Artsakh for survival. It was born with the Artsakh national liberation movement, becoming its mouthpiece and chronicle. And when the war broke out, a number of public employees replaced the camera with a weapon, sacrificing their lives for their countrymen on the battlefield. We bow our heads before their bright memory.

In these crucial times for Artsakh, you continue your patriotic and professional mission, greatly contribute to easing the emotional and psychological tension accompanying all layers of society.

Congratulations once again on our anniversary. I wish you all an uninterrupted broadcast, professional success and creativity.