Report on the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2022 Discussed at the Joint Sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
24 May 2023


May 24, a joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management was convened, in which the NA President, Artur Tovmasyan, also took part.

Reports on the execution of the budget 2022 were discussed in a number of key directions.

The amount of 8 billion 19.5 million drams of the budget was planned for the agricultural complex, actually 6 billion 372 million drams were spent. Productivity made 79.5 percent.

Crop production performance was 60.1 percent, livestock production was 66.1 percent.

The parliamentary questions were about facing new challenges, creating a self-sufficient economy.

The budget of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure was planned in the amount of 16 billion 541 million drams, 14 billion 835 million drams were actually spent, the performance was 89.7 percent.

The budget of the energy sector was 7 billion 862 million drams, the performance was 90.3 percent.

The budget of the transport sector was 260 million drams, the performance was 48 percent.

The regional administration budget was 2 billion 250 million drams, the performance was 66 percent.

5 billion drams were directed to housing rent compensation, 2,003 citizens benefited from the program.

The parliamentary questions were about the share of solar energy, the quality of Internet connection.

Allocations for urban development were planned in the range of 29 billion 190 million drams, 33 billion 133 million drams were actually spent, additional funds were directed to civil defense.

The provided funds were directed to the construction of residential houses for the displaced residents, to the repair of houses damaged by shelling and without owners, to the development of infrastructures, to social construction works.

The budget of the Cadaster and State Property Management Committee was planned for 1 billion 69 million drams, the performance was 94.8 percent.

The work of the joint sitting continued after the break.

The heads of state committees, foundations and commissions presented the report.

The budget of the Water Committee was planned to be 10 billion 363 million drams, of which 8.8 billion drams were spent on the irrigation system. In the reporting year, the construction works of the dam of the Patara reservoir were carried out.

The 2022 annual financing for the implementation of the powers of the State Commission for Regulating Public Services and Economic Competition of the Republic of Artsakh was made with 78 percent of the approved budget.

According to the data presented by Sevak Harutyunyan, director of the Artsakh Investment Fund, 3 billion 980 million 325 thousand AMD was allocated as support from the 2022 state budget to the fund. It was spent according to individual program directions.

In 2022, the Foundation continued the implementation of the state financial support program aimed at fulfilling the credit obligations of individuals and legal entities who are in a difficult situation as a result of the military operations unleashed against the Republic of Artsakh in 2020, for the implementation of which 4 billion 995 million 377 thousand AMD was allocated from the state budget.

The MPs' questions were about overdue loans.

In 2022, the village and agriculture support fund will be established with own funds, loans received from commercial banks and funds financed from the state budget. provided 6 billion 126 million 700 thousand AMD support.

Performance was 100 percent in all program areas.

5 billion 445 million 940,657 thousand AMD were allocated from the state budget to the housing committee of the Republic of Artsakh, of which 4 billion 343 million 333,714 thousand AMD or 77.9 percent were actually spent.

In order to organize the work of the staff in 2022, 179 million 3.7 thousand drams were spent out of 192 million 899.9 thousand drams provided by the state budget, the saving was 13 million 896.2 thousand drams.

The funds of the committee were used to repay the advance and monthly payments on mortgage loans provided with state support to displaced families of persons killed (dead) or missing as a result of hostilities, in order to ensure access to housing in the Republic of Armenia, purchase of household appliances.

The approved budget of the Nature Protection Committee of the Republic of Artsakh was 181 million 827 thousand AMD, of which 166 million 13 thousand AMD were spent.

According to the Chairman of the Committee on Material Damages of the Republic of Artsakh, according to the 2022 specified plan, the committee's budget was 1 billion 246 million 829 thousand AMD, of which 1 billion 560 thousand AMD was financed. The system maintenance costs amounted to 88 million 630 thousand AMD. 10 million AMD were saved.

The Committee discussed and made appropriate decisions in the 2017 individual case, the total amount of which was 5 billion 962 million 375 thousand AMD, in the form of cash 3 billion 546 million 245 thousand AMD, in the form of a promissory note - 2 billion 416 million 129 thousand AMD.