Artsakh Republic NA Convened an Extraordinary Sitting
22 May 2023


May 22, an extraordinary sitting of the Artsakh National Assembly was convened with an urgent agenda.

National Assembly Statement presented at the initiative of the deputies was the issue of the agenda was presented at the initiative of the Republic of Artsakh NA deputies.

Before discussing the agenda item, the head of the parliament, Artur Tovmasyan, made a speech. Speaking about the statements made by the RA Prime Minister on May 22, he emphasized: "What kind of security and dialogue can we talk about when Azerbaijan illegally keeps Artsakh under a complete blockade for 162 days, continuing the ethnic cleansing and genocidal policy of Artsakh that started 80 years ago?

We call on Armenians around the world, the society of Armenia, which is concerned about the fate of Artsakh, to support the unwavering and determined will of Artsakh Armenians to live and create peacefully and independently in their homeland."

Then, turning to the members of the National Assembly, Artur Tovmasyan said:

"Dear parliamentarians,

We have no time to linger any longer. Every second is precious to save our future. Every deputy has something to say and to do in this difficult period. Serving the motherland is a duty, protecting the motherland is a profession."

The text of the statement was presented by NA deputy Vahram Balayan.

The issue on the agenda was discussed at the Head Committee and with a positive conclusion was presented to the discussion of the extraordinary sitting.

MPs Ashot Danielyan, Metaxe Hakobyan, Gegham Stepanyan, Artur Harutyunyan, Artur Mosiyan, Davit Galstyan and Marcel Petrosyan took part in the exchange of ideas.

The statement was adopted unanimously.