"Easy to Plunder, Hard to Digest" - Appeal of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly President, Artur Tovmasyan
30 March 2023


March 30, Artsakh Republic NA President, Artur Tovmasyan made an appeal, which, in particular, reads:


“Elon Musk, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs dreamed not of getting rich in a short period of time, but of a better future. Life has proven them right because they got rich not by stealing from society but by making life comfortable and prosperous for society.


The Armenian reality is different. The obsession of some of our compatriots to instantly get rich at the expense of people under siege is especially reprehensible.




The blockade will end one day.


Come to your senses! Curb your desire to get rich the damned way.


It's easy to plunder, hard to digest"