Artsakh National Assembly Convened a Sitting
23 March 2023


March 23, a regular sitting of the Artsakh National Assembly was convened.

Opening the sitting, the NA President Artur Tovmasyan presented the agendas of the session and sitting. After approving them, the deputies discussed the amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh, which was presented in the second reading. After the first reading, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on State and Legal Affairs did not receive a proposal for the project. Parliament voted unanimously to approve the Amendment given to the Constitutional.

The Head of the National Assembly presented the draft resolution of the National Assembly on applying to the Supreme Court, to determine the compatibility of the amendment with the Constitution. It was approved by 32 votes in favor. The discussion was suspended pending a response from the Supreme Court.

Then, by secret ballot, 21 votes against 11, the Parliament appointed Arsen Amirjanyan a judge of the Artsakh Court of Appeal.

Among the bills, the deputies discussed amendments to the Law "On Valuation Activities in the Real Estate Sphere" and draft "Amendments to the Law on Energy ".

The bill "On Amendments to the Law on Appraisal Activities in the Real Estate Sphere" was adopted in the first reading, the draft "On Amendments to the Law on Energy" - in its final form.

The MP Eduard Aghabekyan presented the issue “On Amendments to NA Resolution 001-7 of May 21, 2020 on the Creation of the Counting Commission of the National Assembly of the Seventh Convocation”. He justified the need for changes by ensuring the normal functioning of the National Assembly. MP Artur Harutyunyan proposed to discuss the draft decision in the committee. The offer was accepted.

No parliamentary announcements were made on the last item of the scheduled agenda.