Artsakh Republic NA President, Artur Tovmasyan’s Statement on the 100th day of the Artsakh Blockade
21 March 2023


For 100 days the civilised world has been silently following the developments around the small Artsakh.

Ignoring and disregarding many statements and adopted resolutions of the international community, as well as the appeals of individual dignitaries and the decision of the Hague International Court of Justice in particular, the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan continues to keep the road of life closed.

Due to the blockade, the atmosphere of mistrust between the two nations deepens.

The will of the people of Artsakh is unshakable. Are there any options to lift the blockade? I guess yes. By studying the global experience, we can refer to the application of sanctions.

Democratic values are placed at one end of the scale, oil and gas at the other. Here the civilized world must make a choice. And if democratic values were actually more important for the big players, then the blockade would have been lifted long ago.

Artsakh residents earn their daily living. Perhaps the greatest work of the people, starting from the baby in the nursery to the sick old man, is to preserve the dignity of the Armenian nation by God's blessing and thanks to our perseverance.

May God protect the two Armenian republics.