Artur Tovmasyan, President of the Artsakh NA Had a Meeting with the Fourth Year Students of the ArSU “Translation Studies”
20 March 2023




Today, March 20, the Head of the NA, Artur Tovmasyan, met with the 4th year students of the ArSU “Translation Studies”who will undergo a two-week training practice in the parliament.

Welcoming the students, the Head of the National Assembly noted that to organize the training for students of various specialties in the legislative body of the country has already become a tradition. He emphasized the importance and practical significance of their profession and encouraged the students to improve knowledge through daily work.

During the meeting Artur Tovmasyan presented the history of the formation of the parliament, the role of the legislature in the state administration system, daily activities of parliament and the powers assigned to the National Assembly by the Constitution to the students.

Then, Garik Zhamharyan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Assembly, receiving the students, introduced the structure of the legislative body, the work of standing committees and factions, legislative processes and information on legal acts regulating NA activities.

The meeting was attended by the leader of the student group, Narine Minasyan.