Statement of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly Factions
13 March 2023


of the Republic of Artsakh

National Assembly Factions


In a few days, it will be the 100th that 120,000 population faces the blockade imposed by Azerbaijan. In contempt of the decision of the Hague International Court to cease the blockade of Artsakh, the leadership of Azerbaijan continues its policy of ethnic cleansing of Armenians of Artsakh through threat and use of force.

In its intention to annex the Republic of Artsakh, Azerbaijan does not refrain from anti-human measures and terrorist actions. Natural gas and electricity supply disruptions, intimidation of the civilian population and restrictions on free movement and most recently, the shooting of policemen carrying out their official duties on March, prove that under such circumstances, talks about direct dialogue are unacceptable.

At the same time, we are confident that as an issue of international agenda Karabakh conflict, should be resolved through negotiations through mediation and under guarantees of relevant international structures, in particular, with the involvement of Minsk Group co-chair countries.

Amid thehumanitarian pressures and intimidation of the people of Artsakh, the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan misleads its own population and international institutions with various propaganda tricks, aiming to create an illusion of an "era of peace".

Expressing the will and position of the people, the factions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh, demand from the authorities of the Republic of Armenia to adhere to the decision of the RA Supreme Council of July 8, 1992 and not to question the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination.

All factions of the Artsakh Parliament confirm their adherence to the fundamental documents expressing the will of our people, and will continue to be guided by the ideas and principles arising from them.


“Free Motherland- UCA” faction

“United Motherland” faction

“Justice” faction

"Armenian Revolutionary Federation" faction

“Democratic Party of Artsakh” faction

March 13, 2023