Artsakh NA Delegation Led by the Head of the Parliament, Artur Tovmasyan, Visited Chartar and Khnushinak Communities of Martuni Region
27 January 2023


Residents of the Republic of Artsakh districts should be informed about the current situation and the work being done to overcome it.

With this aim the NA President, Artur Tovmasyan, accompanied by Artur Mosiyan, head of the ARF faction of the Armenian parliament, deputy Areg Avagyan and member of the operative staff, head of the government affairs department of the Armenian president's office Arayik Lazaryan, had meetings with the residents of Chartar and Khnushinak communities of Martuni region.

At the meeting, the Head of the National Assembly noted that the annexation of Artsakh to Azerbaijan will lead to the destruction of Artsakh and will be a historical, legal, geopolitical and moral tragedy for the Armenian statehood and the Armenian people.

"We have paid too high a price for our freedom and independence and we have no moral right to close our history in an unworthy way. The blockade has put the Artsakh Armenians in front of an unprecedented disaster. The right to full life and living of Artsakh people is at risk. In these difficult days, solidarity and tolerance towards each other are more important", emphasized the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Artur Tovmasyan then outlined priorities for mitigating the impact of the blockade. According to the Head of the legislature, they are:

1. State obligations to protect the citizen;

2. Immediate initiation of new social programs, especially for the vulnerable, including our citizens who are unemployed due to the blockade;

3. The point of view that social programs lead people to laziness or inaction is unacceptable in this situation, because every Armenian living in Artsakh carries out a sacred mission - preservation of national dignity.

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. The questions voiced by the residents concerned the political sphere, agriculture, social security, and general security. Some of the questions have been fully answered; others will be submitted for consideration to the Operational Headquarters.

The President of the National Assembly and the members of the delegation headed by him thanked the residents of the communities for their proper resistance to the crisis situation.