Joint Sitting of the NA Discussed the Issues of Financing the 2023 Social Security, Healthcare, and Statistics
02 December 2022


December 2, joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Social Security and Healthcare and Budget, Financial and Economic Management was convened.

Issues related to the 2023 financing of the social security, healthcare, and statistics sectors were discussed.

The expenses of the social security sector in 2023 amount to AMD 30 billion 200 million, which is 700 million AMD more than the 2022 budget.

The increase is due to the increase in civilian and military pensions and the addition of a number of articles. In particular, in terms of overcoming unemployment, an increase of 16 percent is planned. The maternity allowance will increase by 11 percent, the cost of vocational training will increase by 80 percent, and the funeral allowance budget will increase to 270 million drams.

The support program for displaced people will decrease by AMD 2 billion due to the transfer of the sub-program for solving property problems to the housing committee.

According to the draft state budget of 2023, 13 billion 401.1 million AMD will be allocated for the healthcare sector.

The expenditures in the field of healthcare are mainly aimed at providing free medical care and service to the entire population of the Republic of Artsakh.

The project provides 13 billion 179.7 million AMD. Compared to 2022, the budget will be reduced by 13 percent, which is due to the reduction of money in a number of articles. Specifically, according to the drug distribution program, the amount of 500 million AMD instead of the previous 1 billion 104 million AMD financing is planned. Financing of the dental aid program is planned in the amount of 672 million AMD compared to the previous 727 million AMD.

Aram Grigoryan, the chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Social and Healthcare Issues, sees serious shortcomings in the project. According to him, there are problems in 25 programs.

Next the budget of the National Statistical Service has been submitted. It will amount to approximately 292 million AMD. In 2023, staff maintenance costs will decrease by 3.1 million AMD due to the number of employees.