Artur Tovmasyan, the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly President, is 60 Years Old
02 December 2022


Dear Mr. Tovmasyan,

On behalf of the entire staff of the National Assembly of Artsakh, we warmly congratulate you on your 60th anniversary.

As an honest and true intellectual, in your entire conscious life in the midst of cultural and political events of the developing Artsakh Republic you have perceived and realized your place and role with a sense of filial duty and responsibility.

Your activity as the President of the National Assembly, and earlier in other responsible public positions, has rightfully earned you the respect of your compatriots and a high reputation in the international arena.

You have dedicated yourself to protecting the interests of your people, implementation of national goals and plans on the creation of a legislative framework and the development of the scientific and educational sphere.

Your consistent attitude and expressed views on the current political events in Armenia and Artsakh are significant. Your unchanging positions on the Artsakh issue deserve special attention, self-determination of Artsakh Armenians, establishment of sovereign statehood in Artsakh.

May God give you strength and support in your mission for the benefit of our people, in the name of the strength and lasting peace in our country!

Once again congratulating you on your anniversary, we wish you good health, joy and new revelations on a fruitful life path.