Joint Sitting of the Standing Committees of the Artsakh Parliament Continue Discussions of the Draft Law "On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2023"
30 November 2022


November 30, joint sitting of the Standing Committees on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructures and Budget, Financial and Economic Management was convened.

Draft budgets for 2023 in the fields of agriculture, urban development, territorial administration and infrastructure, cadaster and state property management were discussed.

The acting Minister of Agriculture Tigran Arstamyan presented the draft budget of agriculture.

The coming year budget of the sector is planned in the amount of AMD 5 billion 125 million, of which the maintenance costs amount to AMD 263 million, the remaining amount will be directed to the implementation of various programs.

AMD 41 million is planned for the plant protection program, 242 million 993 thousand AMD will be allocated to veterinary and sanitary service measures, for anti-epidemic measures - 60 million AMD, for artificial insemination of animals - AMD 10 million, AMD 150 million for the "Support to Pedigree Stations" program, AMD 339 million for the development of greenhouse farms, AMD 20 million for fire prevention measures, AMD 380 million for the horticulture development program, AMD 7 million for "Consulting and Monitoring".

AMD 1 billion 500 million will be allocated to the Artsakh village and agriculture support fund according to the 2023 budget draft.

 According to the 2023 state budget draft, AMD 22 billion is planned for capital investments (against the 2022 plan index of AMD 34.5 billion and the adjusted budget of AMD 33.8 billion). The project was presented by the Acting Minister of Urban Development, Aram Sargsyan.

At the expense of the allocated funds, construction projects for the construction of residential houses and apartments for citizens displaced as a result of war operations, reconstruction and repair of buildings, residential houses, educational and health facilities damaged by war in the territory of the Republic of Artsakh, will be implemented.

27 percent of the budget, more than 5 billion AMD, is planned for transfer programs.

AMD 12 billion 470 million will be allocated for housing construction, AMD 4 billion 400 million for road construction, and AMD 400 million for modernization of the energy sector.

The 2023 budget of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Artsakh is planned in the amount of AMD 9 billion 989 million. 15 programs will be implemented. The acting Minister Vardan Beglaryan presented the project.

It is planned to allocate 4 billion 20 million AMD to the energy sector development and subsidy program. 50 million AMD will be allocated to the provision of transport services, 301 million AMD will be allocated to the free broadcasting of 18 TV channels and 3 radio stations in digital format/98 percent of the population of the republic will use the program/, 20 million AMD will be directed to the development of the IT sector.

The planned amount for the rent of apartments for displaced persons is 2 billion 758 million drams, urgent expenses of the displaced - 3 million drams, after-school catering program - 220 million drams, humanitarian demining - 271 million drams, current repairs, including road repairs - 1 billion drams 307 million drams.

Suren Galstyan, Head of the Committee of State Cadaster and State Property Management, presented the budget for the next year to the Committee. The planned budget of the programs to be implemented in 2023 and the maintenance of the staff is within the limits of 581 million 876 thousand drams. The cost of maintaining the staff of the committee decreased by 29 million drams compared to the previous year, which is associated with the reduction of the Kashatagh, Hadrut, Shushi and Shahumyan departments. The cost of the projects will be 133 million 914 thousand drams.

The deputies asked questions to the speakers. Answering the question about the gas subsidy, Vardan Beglaryan said that it was being discussed. The deputies noted that the issue of supporting resettled single pensioners needs to be reviewed. The joint meeting of the standing committees continued after the break.

The 2023 budget drafts of the committees on water, environmental protection, housing issues, material damage issues, as well as public services and the state commission for the regulation of economic competition, rural and agricultural support and Artsakh investment funds have been discussed.

Presenting the projects of the sector, the Chairman of the Artsakh Water Committee G. Hayriyan, noted that the 2023 budget plans to provide the committee with 5 billion 840 million AMD, most of which, i.e 5 billion AMD, will be allocated to the construction, repair and maintenance of water systems, 500 million AMD 340 million AMD for the program of support to land users for irrigation purposes in the Republic of Artsakh, for the implementation of agricultural measures. The Chairman of the Committee emphasized that compared to the previous year's budget, the 2023 budget decreased by 3 billion AMD due to the completion of the Patara-Stepanakert water pipeline works.

The questions raised by the deputies were related to the current works of the Patara reservoir construction, the provision of the water supply, and the provision of water supply to the newly built settlements.

Chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee F. Gabrielyan noted that for the organization of the normal work of the system, the expenses of the sector will amount to 205 million 259 thousand AMD in the 2023 state budget.

According to the Chairman of the housing affairs committee of the Republic of Artsakh, A. Mangasaryan, AMD 248 million 176.2 thousand is planned from the budget for the committee staff maintenance expenses in 2023. As for the projects of the Committee on Housing Affairs, the 2023 budget provides 22 billion 262 million  720 thousand AMD, of which 10 billion AMD will be allocated to the housing provision program, 160 million AMD to the program of measures implemented for the purpose of renting an apartment or providing temporary accommodation, 12 billion 102 million 720 thousand AMD for the project of providing financial support for the temporary satisfaction of the housing needs of persons displaced and/or displaced as a result of war.

Within the limits of the proposed program, the Head of the Committee explained the principles of housing provision, residence procedure and other issues related to the displaced residents.

According to the Chairman of the Artsakh Material Damages Committee, V. Ghahramanyan, the 2023 budget draft amounts to AMD 5 billion 116 million 373.200 thousand, AMD 5 billion of which is intended to provide support to natural and legal persons who suffered material damage as a result of war.

According to Gevorg Grigoryan, the chairman of the commission, the expenses of the state commission regulating public services and economic competition, the 2023 annual budget is 241.1 million AMD, which increased by 1.0 million drams or 0.42 percent compared to the 2022 annual budget.

According to forecasts, in 2022, around 346.1 million AMD will be entered into the state budget of the Republic of Armenia by the regulatory companies. The increase in the annual staff fund is due to the normal increase in the salaries of civil servants. 116 million 373 thousand AMD for the maintenance costs of the committee.

According to Hrant Safaryan, President of the Rural and Agricultural Support Fund, 1 billion 500 million AMD will be provided to the fund from the state budget this year. Maintenance costs will amount to AMD 408 million 650 thousand. The main costs will be directed towards partial subsidization of interest on loans provided by commercial banks for agricultural projects and servicing of loans received from commercial banks and other financial institutions. The president of the fund clarified the issues related to the sector.

 According to the submitted data, Artsakh Investment Fund's expenses for 2023 were presented by Deputy Chairman, Mher Mkhitaryan. the 2023 state budget project within the framework of the "Support to the Artsakh Investment Fund" program, AMD 4.0 billion is planned.