President of the Republic of Artsakh NA, Artur Tovmasyan, Met with a Group of Internally Displaced Persons Led by Armine Avagimyan, the founder of the “GEN” initiative center
29 November 2022


November 29, President of the NA of Artsakh, Artur Tovmasyan, met with a group of internally displaced persons led by the founder of the initiative center "GEN", Armine Avagimyan.

During the meeting, the problems of internally displaced persons were discussed. They are always in the spotlight оf the Parliament. Any programs, legislative initiative that contributes to the solution of social problems of migrants, are supported by the legislature.

“My struggle is in two directions: the status of Artsakh and protecting the interests of the families of the fallen freedom fighters, displaced persons, the poor and the oppressed,”- said Artur Tovmasyan. He willingly listened to the displaced and worked out a number of urgent issues.

Referring to the issue of providing housing to forcibly displaced persons, Artur Tovmasyan noted that the program actually started on July 1, 2021 and will be completed in July 2024.The state will also implement the obligation to compensate the displaced persons by the end of December.

The participants of the meeting expressed concern on the circulating rumors about the suspension of the payment of wages to employees of state institutions who currently do not have a job. The Head of the National Assembly emphasized that his point of view was unchanged: to provide jobs, not to reduce them. In this context, IDPs have highlighted the issue of re-qualification.

Compensation for the material damages of displaced people was discussed. Questions related to the applicability of the certificates provided to those who moved to the RA.

Armine Avagimyan, the founder of the initiative center “GEN”, thanked for the relaxed atmosphere. Artur Tovmasyan, for his part, noted that the doors of every state official in Artsakh should be open to the people.