Welcome Speech of the Artsakh Republic NA President, Artur Tovmasyan at the Scientific-Practical Conference "Artsakh Problem in the Context of Modern Political Processes"
26 November 2022

Dear Chairman,

Conference participants, guests,

I welcome all of you to the hospitable hearth of the National Assembly and deeply value the initiation and organization of the scientific-practical conference, entitled "Artsakh Problem in the Context of Modern Political Processes".

Nowadays, when the statehood of Artsakh is under threat, along with the final solution of the conflict, the prospect of realizing the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination is also put forward.

Despite the opposite positions of the conflicting parties on the Karabakh issue, we are definitely inclined to continue the negotiation process under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group. This position of ours should be clear to the countries pursuing their regional interests in the South Caucasus. The international community is obliged to respect the demand of the Artsakh Armenians, as it complies with the fundamental principles and norms of international law.

The conflict settlement, lasting and stable peace in the region are impossible without the protection of the Armenian cultural and spiritual heritage in the territories occupied by Azerbaijan and actually under the control of Azerbaijan, including the organization of monitoring by all possible means to prevent actions carried out with the aim of ethnic cleansing of Armenians.

Today Azerbaijan, violating the provisions of the tripartite statement of November 9, 2020, regularly takes aggressive actions against Artsakh, which are qualified as a manifestation of Armenian hatred, as well as the violation of peace and stability in the region and especially insidious attempts to neutralize the peacekeeping mission.

We will continue our efforts towards the defense of the results of the Artsakh Liberation War, which was fought for the self-determination and security of the people of Artsakh, a peaceful and just solution to the problem.

We face the imperative to learn from the past, to imitate, to sum up all that happened. At present, the priority task is to ensure reliable security of the country. We particularly emphasize Russia's attitude to this issue and the practical steps being taken.

National unity and solidarity must be the primary and important factor in order to be able to resist the complex and unpredictable geopolitical situation and external challenges.

I suppose, today's scientific conference will be a platform for interesting discussions and conclusions which will provide an opportunity to study our achievements and shortcomings, study current problems at the scientific and practical level and gather relevant assessments and proposals.

Our struggle is continuous, our position is unchanged.

Welcoming once again the participants of the Conference, Welcoming once again the participants of the Conference, I wish you efficient and fruitful work.

Thank you.