Ramela N. Dadayan
Ramela N. Dadayan
Electoral system, district Proportional
Date of birth 22.10.1951
Political Party "Free Motherland"
Faction "Motherland"
E-mail: dadayan.romela@mail.ru

Born  - October 22, 1951 in the village of Madrasa, Shemakha region of Azerbaijan

1968 - Finished secondary school and started to work as a Pioneer leader in Madrasa school

1969 - Entered the Faculty of Philology of Baku Pedagogical institute

1975 - Graduated from Stepanakert branch of Baku Pedagogical Institute

Worked as a teacher Armenian Language and Literature in the secondary school of the village of Chailou Martakert region, in the nursery No4 and special boarding school in Stepanakert

1979 - Appointed deputy Headmaster and organizer of extracurricular work in Stepanakert school №1, in 1988 - director of studies

1994 -  2015 - Appointed Headmaster of Stepanakert secondary school No1.  Has 47 years of pedagogical experience

Member of the “Free Motherland” party since 2005

2005 - Elected NKR National Assembly deputy of the fourth convocation by the proportional list of the “Free Motherland” list

2010 - Re-elected deputy NKR National Assembly of the fifth convocation

May 3, 2015 parliamentary elections - Elected deputy to the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation by the proportional list “Free Motherland” party

Deputy Chair of the NKR NA Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health

Married, has three daughters.

Awarded the "Vachagan Barepasht" Medal (30.08.2012), "20th Anniversary of the Artsakh Republic" Commemorative Medal.