Artur Tovmasyan’s Interview to
04 October 2022

"On April 14, 2022, the Artsakh parliament issued a statement: Artsakh cannot be part of Azerbaijan, the bar cannot be lowered.

"On April 14, 2022, the Artsakh Parliament issued a statement - Artsakh cannot be a part of Azerbaijan, the bar cannot be lowered. I reaffirm the statement made. The president of Artsakh also spoke about it. I have also recently participated in the opposition rally in Artsakh. Not any person, but any political force can make decisions for the people of Artsakh. We are sincere and honest with the people, there is no document to be presented at the moment." he said.

As for the peace treaty being prepared between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Artur Tovmasyan said: "No document should be signed at the expense of the interests of Artsakh Armenians. For us, any document that can ignore the existence of the Artsakh problem, jeopardize the prospect of the Artsakh problem settlement, and limit the right to self-determination of the Artsakh people is unacceptable. But if such a thing will not be done, it will come from Armenia's interests and security, then I am not the one who will have to tell the Armenian authorities what to do," said Artur Tovmasyan.

The Artsakh  National Assembly President reminded that the independence referendum of the Artsakh Republic was held on December 10, 1991, and before that, September 2, 1991 was declared Republic Day.

"More than 99 percent of our people said "yes" to independence in the December 10 referendum. I cannot have another point of view. Apart from that, we have the declaration of independence of January 6, 1992. As an independent state, we are in favor of signing mutually beneficial agreements and contracts not only with the states of the region, but also with all states," he elaborated.

Referring to the announcements regarding negotiations in the Stepanakert-Baku format, Artur Tovmasyan said: "After the Budapest summit, in the 1990s, Artsakh authorities also participated in the negotiations as a conflicting party under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group. We are the beneficiaries of three bloody wars in Artsakh. In the case of both Armenia and Artsakh, in any format, Azerbaijan goes to abort with the threat of war, saying that the problem is solved. Contrary to that, the OSCE Minsk Group has reaffirmed in different wordings that the Artsakh problem exists, they see a comprehensive need for settlement," he concluded.

According to Artur Tovmasyan, the beneficiary of the future of Artsakh is the entire Armenian people. Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora should be considered as a whole.