Artur Tovmasyan, President of the Artsakh Parliament, Sent a Message on the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia
21 September 2022

Dear Armenian people,

Having overcome the tumult of millennia, sometimes lost statehood and re-created it in the course of history, the Republic of Armenia, the cradle of the Armenian people, is 31 years old.

Independent statehood is the most valuable achievement of the centuries-old national-liberation struggle and the sacrifices made throughout history.

Today, Armenian statehood is facing serious threats to national identity and existence. The Armenian people should continue to remain united and single-minded in the tactics of solving national conflicts.

The last September events on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border once again showed that to face the complex and unpredictable geopolitical situation and external challenges, cohesion and solidarity should become a priority factor.

I bow to the memory of the brave men who fell in the three Artsakh wars and defending the borders of the Republic of Armenia.

On the occasion of the national holiday, Republic Day, I wish Armenia and all Armenians a stable and secure life, peace and prosperity.

God bless the Armenian statehood!