Artsakh Republic NA Defense, Security and Law Enforcement Standing Committee Convened a Sitting
07 September 2022

September 7, Artsakh NA Defense, Security and Law Enforcement Standing Committee convened a sitting. Two draft laws were discussed which were presented by the officials of the Ministry of Defense and the police.

The draft law "On Making Additions and Amendments to the Law "On Compensation for Damages Caused to the Life or Health of Servicemen During the Defense of the Republic of Artsakh" to include a person who is not in a registered marriage with a serviceman and has a joint child, and who is divorced from a serviceman, in the scope of beneficiaries entitled to receive compensation, it is proposed  in case of the death of a serviceman during combat operations ( death) or in case of being declared missing. However, a person with a joint child is not considered a beneficiary.

If the project is accepted, the brother and sister of the serviceman will also be considered beneficiaries, if no other beneficiary has previously received money in respect of the given servicemen.

With the project "On amending the Law on Service in the Police" it is planned to set the maximum age for police service at 35 instead of the previous 30.

As a result of the adoption of the bill, the efficiency of human resource management and police service organization will increase.

With the positive conclusion of the Defense, Security and Law Enforcement Standing Committee the bill will be submitted for discussion at the regular sitting of the parliament.