Representatives of the RA Parliamentary Opposition Forces Hosted in the Republic of Artsakh Parliament
23 June 2022

June 21, the RA National Assembly hosted the delegation led by the RA National Assembly Vice President Ishkhan Saghatelyan. The members of the delegation were the deputies of the factions "Armenia" and "I Have Honor".

Welcoming the Armenian colleagues, the NA President Artur Tovmasyan emphasized that the doors of the Artsakh Parliament are open to all forces.

Speaking about the parliamentary activities of Artsakh, the National Assembly President assured that both pro-government and opposition MPs included in the National Assembly are united and unanimous on any issue related to Artsakh.

The Head of the National Assembly sees the salvation of Artsakh in the Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora trinity, and the political solution only under the co-chairmanship of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Artur Tovmasyan emphasized the role of the Russian peacekeeper, the guarantor of the security of Artsakh and addressեդ the housing and other social problems of forcibly displaced people.

Ishkhan Saghatelyan and the members of the delegation thanked for the reception and noted that they are not in Artsakh to discuss internal political issues of Armenia, but for the sake of Artsakh, which, however, are interconnected.

RA opposition forces are well aware that the existence of Artsakh within Azerbaijan is impossible, depopulation is inevitable. "We insist that Artsakh cannot be a part of Azerbaijan, that the right to self-determination is a starting point, from which there is no retreat or lowering of the bar," MPs representing the opposition wing of the RA Parliament are guided by this pillar. They are confident that we can achieve success only with the concentration of forces, the change of the pan-Armenian atmosphere and trinity.

RA MPs welcomed the statement adopted by the Artsakh Parliament on April 14, 2022 and expect an adequate response from the National Assembly of Artsakh Republic to any action that threatens Artsakh.

The parliamentarians expressed their concern and displeasure regarding the non-holding of the inter-parliamentary joint session. It is necessary to take active steps to restore the cooperation between the legislative bodies of the twin Armenian republics.

Issues related to the security of Armenia and Artsakh were also discussed at the meeting. The necessity of formulating the primary agenda was raised by the deputies.

Such meetings were arranged by both sides which provide an opportunity to discuss the problems and key issues facing the united motherland.