Artsakh Republic National Assembly President, Artur Tovmasyan’s Congratulatory Message on the Journalist’s Professional Day
23 May 2022

Dear journalists,

Congratulations on your professional day!

We can say with all confidence that you are one of the pioneers in the construction and establishment of the sovereign statehood of Artsakh. During these years, you have been a unique bridge between the government and the society. You have always spoken about problems that concern ordinary people and become a guide to what we do.

The profession of a journalist requires knowledge, human communication skills, correctness and high professionalism. Today, more than ever, journalists are in demand in the information field in order to meet the challenges.

The Artsakh media field army played a role in the three Artsakh wars, becoming the yearbook of our history, spreading the truth, holding a camera and a computer as a weapon.

Endangering your life, you set a high standard for the profession of a journalist. You have been above human weaknesses, putting the interests of the homeland above personal convenience. We express our respect to the journalists who gave their lives in the war of liberation.

I want you to feel valued and continue the high mission of bringing the truth to the world, meeting the existing challenges, contributing to the stability of Artsakh, the solidarity and unity of our people.

Your strength is in the power of your pen. Let it be fertile and do not recoil from temporary difficulties, stay true to journalistic ethics and the responsibility of being the fourth power.

Be healthy, smart and knowledgeable, full of energy and support the oppressed ones and those who cannot stand for their rights.

We believe in you.