Artsakh NA President, Artur Tovmasyan, Sent a Message on the May Triple Holiday
09 May 2022

Dear compatriots!

For decades, the Armenian people have celebrated with great joy the May 9 Triple Holiday - Great Patriotic War Victory Day, the Liberation of Shushi and the day of the formation of the Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic.

The contribution of the Armenian people in the victory over fascism in the Second World War is undeniable. Our grandfathers carried the laurels of victory in the Great Patriotic War with honor. Decades later, their sons and grandsons created new victories for a free Artsakh, a secure, peaceful future for the Republic of Armenia.

Eternal glory and humility in memory of the devotees, who sacrificed their lives for the salvation of the motherland!

Today, the fortress city of Shushi, despite being captured, continues to be the most important of the symbols of the historical justice of the rebirth of the Armenian nation. And the establishment of the Defense Army with its nationalist mission completed the parade of May victories.

May 9, as a day of victory and peace, will always be a source of inspiration and testimony for us.

The greatest symbol of the May heroic battles, however, is the idea of unity and the strengthening of the national spirit, the idea of regaining and maintaining the right to live a peaceful and creative life.

I am convinced that future generations, inspired by the heroism of their grandfathers and fathers, will continue new triumphs in the name of the existence, strengthening, development and prosperity of our country.

May the symbol of May Victory be only a guide to success and the spirit and the will to win never leave us.