Artsakh Republic NA President Sent a Congratulatory Message on the Motherhood and Beauty Day
07 April 2022

Dear mothers, ladies and girls!

Congratulations on April 7, Motherhood and Beauty Day.

Since 1995, April 7 has been celebrated as Motherhood and Beauty Day. It is one of the best opportunities to appreciate mothers, to express our gratitude and admiration.

In our perceptions, motherhood is a sacred value, and the adherence to those traditions continues to this day.

With her virtue and wisdom the Armenian woman has always played an invaluable role in the family and public life, with the unwavering mission of preserving the traditions and national values formed for centuries. Only a strong family and the love and faith driven by that family can guarantee the bright future of our people, the Armenian upbringing of generations.

A congratulation on this holiday is the minimum that we can do for you, as reliable guarantors of the Armenian family, the Armenian statehood, in general, of the Armenian nation.

"The fate of nations must be sought in the hands of mothers" - this message of Garegin Nzhdeh is always relevant.

Dear women!

On this wonderful spring holiday occasion I wish you boundless love, happiness and health.

Let the springs and smiles in your life be endless and innumerable, and may your care, love and dedication be our constant companion.