Artsakh Republic National Assembly President Artur Tovmasyan Answered the Questions of “Artsakhpress” Correspondent
06 April 2022

"I do not think that today, April 6, any document related to the status of Artsakh will be signed during the Pashinyan-Aliev meeting in Brussels."

The President of the Artsakh NA, Artur Tovmasyan, stated this in a conversation with "Artsakhpress" correspondent, commenting on the existing problems facing the Artsakh issue.

"Artsakh cannot be part of Azerbaijan, it is impossible. Both our partners in RA and the international community represented by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs are aware of this. We use all inter-parliamentary and diplomatic opportunities and we keep abreast of developments, which take place in Artsakh. And every time they prove the well-known truth that this problem has a solution, which should be based on the international principle of self-determination of nations,” said A. Tovmasyan.

According to the NA President, there is no peace in Artsakh today, just relative silence. And it is wrong to talk about peace when the points of the trilateral declaration of November 9, 2020 are regularly violated.

“The Republic of Armenia has been and should be the number one guarantor of the security of our people. Together we must find our place in the rapidly changing world order, and in this context the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity is very important. The announcement adopted by the Parliament yesterday contained these messages. But we must admit that the role of the Russian peacekeeping forces and the Russian Federation,  in general,  is undeniable in our security system. Without it, we cannot face the regional challenges of the collapsing world order," said A. Tovmasyan and emphasized that losing in war does not mean losing in negotiations.