Artsakh Republic NA President, Artur Tovmasyan, Sent Congratulatory Message on the One-Month Women's Holiday
08 March 2022

Dear mothers, sisters, daughters, wives!

The one-month spring holidays are an opportunity to express that deep reverence, the feeling of love and gratitude towards you.

For centuries the Armenian woman has been the pillar of the Armenian hearth and the Armenian nation, which is the reason for the longevity of our nation.

I am convinced that thanks to your devotion, self-sacrifice, wisdom and endurance we will be able to overcome the hardships we face.

Having taken on your shoulders everyday difficulties, you continue the difficult but patriotic mission of educating worthy citizens for our state, educating their national values in the spirit of patriotism.

Dear mothers,

Your role in our life is invaluable: each of you has the same role for her home as the Mother of God for the whole mankind.

Dear sisters and daughters,

You are the pillar of our society, the foundation of strong families and our guaranteed future.

Yes, our destiny was cruel, losses are immeasurable. But on this cherished day let us believe that the day is not far when we will be content to record that all hardships are in the past.

I warmly congratulate you on the One-Month Women's Holidays. I wish your families and you good health, happiness, boundless love.