A Message on the 34th Anniversary of the Sumgait Genocide Sent by Artur Tovmasyan, the President of the Artsakh Republic Parliament
28 February 2022

Dear compatriots!

34 years have passed since the Sumgait crime.

Many peoples, nations and nationalities of the world have suffered and continue to suffer from the Genocide, and for the Armenian people it is the past and present, but never the future.

Azerbaijan, an artificial state born in the early 20th century, has undertaken an anti-Armenian mission since its formation. The proof is the Sumgait massacres organized in 1988 and the ongoing wars.

The only goal and spiritual desire of Azerbaijan is the final occupation of Artsakh and the elimination of the native people. The manifestation of anti-Armenian policy reached its peak in September 2020 with the war unleashed by Azerbaijan, in particular, through the inhuman treatment of the population of Artsakh, the Armenian captives, murders and tortures, cultural genocide.

Strongly condemning the Sumgait massacre and the ongoing policy towards the Artsakh Armenians, we call on the civilized world to take active steps to prevent the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan against Armenians.

We have to get out of this difficult situation and demand our rights to live in our ancestral land.

My sympathy to our compatriots who became victims of Azerbaijani violence    and the memory of the heroes who died in all the Artsakh wars.