Address of the Artsakh Republic NA President Artur Tovmasyan on the 30th Anniversary of the Armenian Army Founding and the Day of the Motherland Defenders
28 January 2022

Dear generals, officers and soldiers of the Armenian Army!

The Armenian Army, which from the day of its formation has passed a glorious military path, fueled by many victories and, unfortunately, irreversible losses, was formed in parallel with the establishment of a 30-year-old independent statehood.

The Armenian army is the cornerstone of ensuring the security of the Armenian twin states and preserving the Armenian identity and the unconditional guarantor of our existence.

Your dedication and impeccable service are the basis and irreplaceable component of our peaceful daily life. For decades you have carried out a crucial mission, due to which our statehood has had the opportunity to develop comprehensively, to register many and various successes and achievements.

Even today, as in the face of serious problems the world faces new challenges to peace, the Armenian army carries out its mission with honor.

We are confident, that inspired by the will of God and our vision of our historically guaranteed perspective, you will always do your duty perfectly. We are convinced that our future is bright, and no challenge can disrupt our unbroken march through the history.

Over the past three decades many of your comrades-in-arms, our sons and brothers, gave their lives for that, and your invaluable merit is the most exemplary and sublime act of keeping their memory alive.

We bow to those devotees who gave their lives for peace, who are standing guard at the border at the moment, and those who with an inexhaustible feeling of longing are awaiting the return of their sons.

Happy Holidays, defender of the Motherland!

Happy Holidays, the Armenian Army!