Condolences on the Death of Varya Davit Julhakyan
17 January 2022

January 16, 2022, at the age of 75, Varya Davit Julhakyan, who had worked for a long time in the National Assembly, passed away.

For more than 50 years of work experience she has worked in the executive and legislative bodies of the Republic. She, a reliable and irreplaceable consultant, was devoted to the work everywhere,. She had a great reputation as a unifying, patriotic, friendly, honest, kind man, endowed with the highest human values.

In 2011 the NA President awarded Varya Julhakyan with the commemorative medal on the 20th anniversary of the NKR proclamation and in 2012 by the NKR President - the "Gratitude" medal, in the same year – a jubilee medal dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the RA Armed Forces, by the RA Ministry of Defense.

Despite the deep sorrow of a mother, who had lost a son in the Karabakh war, Varya Davit Julhakyan has always been active in the implementation of the activities of a non-governmental organization "Union of Relatives of Perished NKR Freedom Fighters".