14 January 2022




on destructive and aggressive policy of the political leadership of Azerbaijan

After the trilateral statement of November 9, 2020, Azerbaijan regularly creates tense situations on the borders of the Artsakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia, targeting mainly the civilian population of the two Armenian republics.

Such provocations, which have become more frequent in recent days, show that Azerbaijan has not renounced its decades-long anti-Armenian policy, which calls into question the military-political leadership of the country over peace agendas, the sincerity of the statements that are sometimes made for international organizations.

Despite the peace efforts of one of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs, the Russian Federation, the Azeri aggression unleashed against the people of Artsakh in the fall of 2020 with the participation of Turkey and international terrorists, accompanied by massive human rights violations, continues with other methods. All this is regularly inflamed by the constant threats particularly made by the leader of Azerbaijan, thus questioning the security of the corridor controlled by Russian peacekeepers.

The neglect of all this by the Armenian leadership, international organizations and influential countries and the lack of adequate responses, have become the wrong signal for the leader of the neighboring country, who, forgetting the commitments made by his country when joining authoritative European structures, is currently claiming to limit the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group, consisting of three permanent members of the UN Security Council - Russia, the United States and France.

We consider such a disparaging attitude towards the above-mentioned authoritative structure, which has contributed to regional stability over a long period of time on the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict since 1992, inadmissible and assess it as an open contempt for the international law and the efforts of the international community.

Condemning such behavior of the Azerbaijani leadership, we call on Minsk Group Co-Chairs to take practical steps to neutralize Azerbaijan's destructive policy in order to prevent new tensions in the region and return those in charge of that country to the field of international law.

"Free Motherland-UCA"

"United Motherland"


“Armenian Revolutionary Federation”

“Democratic Party of Artsakh”