New Year and Christmas Congratulatory Message of the Republic of Artsakh NA President, Artur Tovmasyan
31 December 2021

Dear Compatriots,

The first post-war year, flooded with pain and suffering, but at the same time the first year of state reconstruction is coming to an end. Last year was a period of rectifying the horrors of war and alleviating the indescribable moral and psychological shocks that befell Artsakh.

On the New Year eve, it is customary to retrospectively evaluate what happened.

To sum up 2021, we must note that it has been marked as a year of fragile peace and creative work. Significant work has been done to lighten the burden of our compatriots who have borne the brunt of the war on their shoulders.

Today, Artsakh has completely turned into a construction site. We managed to provide accommodation to some of our homeless compatriots. The problem of accommodating the others is on the agenda - an issue that is in the center of the daily care and attention of the authorities of our country.

A number of social programs and events have been implemented during this difficult and hard year aimed at ensuring a dignified daily life for our people. The work in this direction will be continuous.

Dear friends!

In our centuries-long history we have faced many trials. "We are still facing the most serious geopolitical challenges."

At present, I attach importance to the combination of the new situation and the efforts to overcome the existing challenges, capacities of all Armenians, purposeful concentration on national state interests, for which I am optimistic.

Our people more than once he has risen from the ashes like a mythical phoenix. Moreover, our people have progressed comprehensively and made a significant contribution to the advancement of human civilization. And yes, history repeats itself many times, and I'm sure that the day is not far off that our generations will record with gratitude, that their predecessors, us and your generation, did not back down.

It is with honor and dignity that each of them has done his job in the trenches.

The 2021 was a jubilee year for the Artsakh Republic. The parliament marked the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Artsakh Republic with a special sitting. December 10, the Message of the NA President and the Statement of the NA factions on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Independence Referendum, Fundamental Human Rights and Constitution Day have been published. The conclusion of all this was one - the struggle for the complete freedom of Artsakh, the restoration of the violated rights of our people is still ongoing. The path we have chosen is still irreversible today, because it is fair and sanctified by the blood of our heroic martyrs. We are obliged to strengthen our statehood day by day, to develop the economy, to improve the living conditions of the people.

The 2022 expectations are higher. We have a lot of problems ahead of us, for the solution of which it is necessary to unite all our forces to work together to implement the programs which will contribute to the solution of the problems of our Motherland.

Congratulating you on the New Year and Christmas holidays, I wish all of us health, wealth and unbreakable spirit.