Artsakh Republic NA Has Adopted the Draft Law "On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2022"
23 December 2021

The regular sitting of the Artsakh Republic NA was convened on December 23.

The NA President Artur Tovmasyan noted that the draft law "On Making Amendments to the Law on Holidays and Remembrance Days" included in the agenda of the 4th session of the 7th convocation was returned at the request of the author.

After approving the agendas of the session and the sitting, the parliament proceeded to the discussion of the draft law "On the Artsakh Republic State Budget 2022."

Presenting the deputies' second round proposals on the budget, the Minister of Finance Vahram Baghdasaryan noted that after the break of the discussion of the state budget at the previous regular sitting of the National Assembly, 101 proposals were submitted to the government by the separate factions of the deputies, 34 of which after the first reading.

Introducing the amended version of the 2022 state budget, Vahram Baghdasaryan noted the changes made in the project expenses based on the deputies' suggestions:

  • The funds of the heads of administrations of Martakert, Askeran and Martuni regions have been increased by 500.0 thousand drams each
  • The expenditure program of the Department of Defense "Civil Defense Events" increased by 1.0 billion drams
  • Expenditure program "Restoration and preservation of monuments" of the Department of Recreation, Culture and Religion increased by 20.0 million drams for the repair of the roof of St. George Church (Ulubab), the "Publishing Expenses" program was renamed the "Publishing and Translation Expenses" program, increased by 3.0 million drams
  • The "Pre-school institutions" expenditure program of the education department has been increased by 20.0 million drams, "Non-formal education programs" expenditure program - 35.0 million drams, of which 20.0 million drams for the organization of attestation of secondary school teachers and the increase of salaries as a result, and 15.0 million drams for the implementation of technical teacher training costs, "Expenditure on conferences" was added. for 2.0 million drams. The section "Organization of Distance Education" has been supplemented in the amount of 60.0 million drams, it is planned to equip the classrooms of Stepanakert schools for the organization of distance learning at the initial stage.

According to the Minister of Finance, other proposals adopted by the government will be implemented within the framework of centralized funds and redistributions within expenditure programs: in particular, the expenditure program "Purchase and Maintenance of Centralized Medical Equipment and Supplies" in the healthcare sector was reduced by 200.0 million drams and to envisage a new expenditure program "COVID-19 Prevention Measures" in the project for the same amount. The expenditure program "State support to students receiving targeted education from the Artsakh Republic in foreign universities" has been removed from the education department.

Summing up the final indicators of the 2022 state budget proposed by the draft, the Minister of Finance noted that revenues will amount to 184 billion 300.0 million drams, of which 144.0 billion drams in the form of interstate credit - 40.3 billion drams in the form of own revenues, expenditures - 215 billion 781.1 million drams, the deficit is 31 billion 481.1 million drams.

Next the factions presented their opinions on the project.

Presenting their point of view, the "Democratic Party of Artsakh" and the Artsakh "Justice" factions, announced that they will vote for the 2022 draft budget in a free regime.

According to the views expressed, the "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" and the "United Homeland" factions, will vote against the bill, and the "Free Motherland-UCA" faction will vote for.

The President of the Republic of Artsakh, Arayik Harutyunyan made a final speech. The President of the Republic first referred to the 2021 demographic and economic problems and achievements. Arayik Harutyunyan spoke about the programs envisaged in the spheres of the foreign policy, social, construction, water supply, education, healthcare envisaged by the 2022 budget of the Republic of Artsakh. According to the President significant changes are expected in improving energy and communication services, water supply, social spheres.

The draft law "On the State Budget 2022" was adopted with 18 votes in favor and 11 against.

The bill "On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Remuneration of Public Officials" was also adopted as a law by 27 votes in favor.

The package of drafts "On Amendments to the Law on Police Troops", "On Amendments to the Law on Police Service", "On Amendments to the Law on Defense", "On Amendments to the Law on Immortalization of the Memory of Victims of Motherland Defense" was adopted in the second reading by 29 votes. The day before, it had been approved by the Head Committee.

The package of draft laws "On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Tax Service", "On Making Addenda and Amendments to the Law on Remuneration of Public Officials" and the bill "On Amendments to the Law on Environmental Fee Rates" which were approved by the Head Committee, were unanimously adopted as law.

The draft law "On Making Amendments to the Law on the State Emergency Service of the Artsakh Republic" was adopted by 27 votes in favor.

Aram Grigoryan, a member of the "Free Motherland-UCA" faction, made a parliamentary statement.

At the end of the sitting the NA President Artur Tovmasyan announced the end of the work of the 4th session of the 7th convocation.