Draft Law "On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2022" Discussed at the Joint Sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
30 November 2021

November 30, the joint sitting of the Standing Committees on Production, Manufacturing Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management of the National Assembly of the Artsakh Republic took place, chaired by Vladimir Kasyan and Arthur Harutyunyan.

The draft law "On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2022" included in the agenda envisages the financing of industry, urban development, cadaster and state property management, agriculture, transport and communication, energy system, environment and natural resources, drinking and irrigation water.

Presenting the 2022 expenditures in the field of agriculture, the Minister of Agriculture Armen Tovmasyan noted that it will make 5 billion 738 million 500 thousand drams, which decreased by 3 billion 554 million 588.7 thousand drams compared to 9 billion 293 million 088.7 thousand drams in 2021.

Detailing the program allocations, the Minister presented a framework for the implementation of 20 programs.

Armen Tovmasyan responded to the questions voiced by the deputies concerning the list of reimbursable seeds, border arable land security, reduction of pastures, import of pedigree animals, the use of hail nets and other issues related to the field. According to the Minister of Urban Development Aram Sargsyan, the 2022 budget envisages 30 billion drams for capital expenditures, which will be directed to the priority areas of the state order investment program: housing, education, road construction, culture and sports, water supply and drainage systems in the settlements of the Republic of Artsakh, reconstruction of the heating systems in the in Artsakh and modernization of the energy systems of the Republic of Artsakh. Aram Sargsyan gave clarifications to the deputies on the asphalting of some streets of Stepanakert, the construction of shelters, the improvement of inter-village highways, housing construction, the announced deadline for the housing of the displaced, issues related to the renovation of apartments damaged by the shelling.

Expenditures of the 2022 state budget of the Cadaster and State Property Management Committee of the Republic of Artsakh amounted to 606 million 555 thousand drams, which increased by 78 million 378.8 thousand drams compared to the previous year. Chairman of the Committee S. Galstyan answered the questions related to the compensation or financing of the movable property of the displaced citizens, the unregistered property of the displaced residents.

The joint sitting of the standing committees then continued after the break.

According to the Chairman of the Republic of Artsakh Housing Committee, A. Mangasaryan, the 2022 budget envisages 15 billion 819 million 800.0 thousand drams, of which 12 billion 985 thousand drams will be directed to the housing program, 2 billion 5 million drams - for the program of providing housing with property and household appliances, 334 million 800 thousand drams - for the program of providing financial assistance for renting an apartment or providing temporary accommodation.

The Chairman of the Committee answered questions related to the provision of apartments to NKR deportees in 1988-92, the principles of providing apartments within the proposed program, the cost of apartments provided to large families, and other issues related to the sphere.

Presenting the programs of the sphere, Chairman of the Water Committee of the Republic of Artsakh, G. Hayriyan noted that the 2022 budget envisages allocating 8 billion 840 million drams, most of which, the 8 billion drams will be directed to the works of construction, repair, reconstruction and maintenance program of water systems. The issues raised by the deputies were about the construction of a new Patara-Stepanakert water line and water supply geography, construction of new water lines and improvement of the existing system, water supply satisfaction in general.

Deputy Chairman of the Nature Protection Committee A. Gabrielyan noted, that to organize the normal operation of the system, the expenses of the sphere with the 2022 state budget made 211 million 79 thousand drams.

According to the chairman of the commission Gevorg Grigoryan, expenses of the State Commission for Regulation of Public Services and Economic Competition, in the 2022 budget is 240.1 million drams. According to forecasts, in 2022, about 346.1 million drams will be paid to the state budget of Azerbaijan by the regulatory companies.

The person in charge of the sphere answered the questions raised by the deputies aimed at the possible security of the radio frequency domain and the improvement of the internet connection.

According to Hrant Safaryan, President of the Rural and Agricultural Support Fund,

1 billion 316 million drams will be provided to the fund from the state budget this year. Maintenance costs will amount to 380 million drams. The main expenses will be directed to the partial subsidization of interest on loans provided by commercial banks for agricultural projects and the servicing of loans received from commercial banks and other financial institutions. The President of the Foundation clarified the issues related to the sphere.

Mher Mkhitaryan, Deputy Chairman of the Artsakh Investment Fund, presented the 2022 expenses of the Artsakh Investment Fund. According to the data provided, the draft state budget for 2022 envisages 4.0 billion drams within the framework of the "Support to the Artsakh Investment Fund" program. The Deputy Chairman of the Fund answered the question related to the new crediting programs.

The sitting was attended by the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh A. Tovmasyan, NA Vice-President G. Baghunts, parliamentarians, Deputy Minister of Finance N Avanesyan.