NA President Artur Tovmasyan Sent a Message on the Teacher's Day
05 October 2021

Dear teachers!

Today is the best opportunity to convey to you words of respect and gratitude, to bow before your tireless work.

Well, this is the least that any of us can do on Teacher's Day.

School is the most important link in shaping the future of the state and people.

I am convinced we have visible results, but there is still serious work to be done to increase the image, role and prestige of the teacher in the society.

You have always been a reliable support in strengthening the foundations of the Armenian statehood. Even with the loss of statehood, the Armenian teacher continued to educate generations believing in its reincarnation.

Dear teachers!

You have been lucky enough to educate the children of the people who carry the spirit of the centuries, the will and the dream of the future. Never stop opening the magical doors of an Armenian child to dream. That dream is to inspire him today to stand firm and steadfast on his native land, to take deep roots.

We must treat you not only as a specialist, but also as a God-sent apostle.

In this difficult, fateful period for our people, the training and education of future generations has been entrusted to you.

In the 3 Artsakh wars, the generation you brought up fought bravely and fearlessly on the border. The patriotic and heroic generation is convinced that they are strong with their education and culture.

I wish you peace, health, prosperity and inexhaustible energy on the way of fulfilling your difficult and responsible, but at the same time honorable and great mission.