Artur Tovmasyan, President of the Republic of Artsa,kh N A, Sent a Message on the 30th Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia Proclamation
21 September 2021

Dear compatriots!

September 21 marks the cradle of the dreams of all Armenians, the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Third Republic of Armenia.

September 21, 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR, expressing the united will of the people, realizing its responsibility for the fate of the Armenian people, declared the beginning of the establishment of an independent state.

The path to independence has been accompanied by many geopolitical challenges, achievements and gains and unfortunately with irreparable losses.

We bow our heads in memory of the thousands of Armenians who sacrificed their lives on the path to independence. Their names are engraved one by one not only in stone inscriptions, but also in the soul and heart of every Armenian.

History will answer a number of questions. Today I want to emphasize that we must have enough will and potential to jointly face all the challenges. We have an obligation to safeguard the values of an independent state.

We must consolidate and sanctify the independence of the Artsakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia with our life and way of life, all of us must contribute to the process of defense, strengthening and prosperity of the independent country to the best of our ability.

Let us defend and strengthen our Motherland, Armenia and Artsakh, as the core of our national aspirations and pillar.

Long live peace, progress and determination of the Armenian people.