NA President Artur Tovmasyan Received Acting YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan
18 September 2021

September 18, the Head of the Artsakh Parliament hosted the Acting YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan and the Chief of Staff of the YSU Rector Davit Hovhannisyan.

Welcoming the guests, Artur Tovmasyan presented the scientific and educational life of Artsakh and noted that they have certain material problems in terms of developing the natural sciences.

"Scientific life in Artsakh is like a burning candle which we have to hold with our hands, so that it does not suddenly fade away, ”Artur Tovmasyan stressed.

The NA President emphasized that the epidemic and the 2020 autumn war had a devastating effect on both the socio-economic, political and scientific-educational system of Artsakh.

The acting YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan noted in his speech that the purpose of the visit is the YSU participation in the "100 Houses in Artsakh" program.

“By participating in the program“100 houses in Artsakh”, the YSU wants to show that does not reconcile with what has happened as the results of the war and joins the program of revival and strengthening of Artsakh,” - said H. Hovhannisyan.

Speaking about the development of the scientific-educational system, the acting rector noted that they aim to review the salaries of scientists who play a significant role in the field of science as well as their health package.

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan referred to the agreements on cooperation with various startup companies and banks and the need for accreditation of new educational programs.

Arthur Tovmasyan thanked H. Hovhannisyan for supporting the "100 Houses in Artsakh" project and expressed hope that it would be contagious for many other structures.

Aram Harutyunyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, was present at the meeting.