Artsakh Parliament Opposition Forces Met with the RA Parliament "Hayastan" bloc Members
02 September 2021

September 1, deputies of "Armenian Revolutionary Federation", "Justice", "Democratic Party of Artsakh" factions of Artsakh met with the deputies of the RA NA "Hayastan" bloc. The leaders of the NA factions welcomed the deputies of the "Hayastan" bloc and stressed that the challenges and problems facing Artsakh and Armenia are the same and they are allies in terms of possible solutions.


"We see the salvation of Artsakh in the joint work of Artsakh and Armenia", stressed the leader of the DPA faction, David Melkumyan.


Deputies of Artsakh opposition parties have high expectations from their Armenian partners - to make Artsakh visible to the world through the platform provided to them.


Welcoming the guests, the leader of the "Justice" faction David Galstyan spoke about the need to deepen cooperation between the opposition forces of the two Armenian parliaments.


Armen Rustamyan thanked for the meeting and stressed that the issue of Artsakh is one of the key issues on the agenda.


"Although the establishment of a commission on Artsakh in the RA parliament has failed, the Artsakh issue is always on the agenda and our attitude towards the problem have not been weakened by that,” said Armen Rustamyan.


The deputies of the bloc have clear ideas on the issues of Artsakh.


The leaders of all three factions noted that they welcomed the formation of the commission on Artsakh, despite the misconception that the head of the Artsakh parliament was against the establishment of a commission on Artsakh.


Speaking about the common problems of Artsakh and Armenia, the head of the ARF faction Artur Mosiyan outlined things to be done together.


During the meeting it was suggested to have a clear agenda, to create a joint program for overcoming the existing challenges and problems of the Armenians of Artsakh. According to Armen Rustamyan the ideas on the Artsakh issue and the way to solve them should be clarified. In this regard, he stressed the importance of joint, coordinated cooperation.


Both sides agreed on such meetings and decided to make them continuous.