NA President Artur Tovmasyan’s Message on the 30th anniversary of Declaration of the Independence of Artsakh
02 September 2021

September 2 is the 30th anniversary of Declaration of Independence of Artsakh. We celebrate it in the most difficult conditions for our country. We are not in a festive mood, but it's a good opportunity to make some conclusions.

The declaration of independence in September 1991 was an absolutely right historical decision by which the Armenians of Artsakh predetermined their future. The next 30 years were difficult and full of obstacles. We won the war imposed on us in the 1990s, we got involved in the state-building process, and although the world did not recognize the independence of Artsakh, we created a democratic country with all the state attributes.

Did we use the unique opportunity to build a state correctly? Have we been honest with ourselves and our generations? These are questions that we constantly face. There were many mistakes. We were not ready to confront the challenges of a changing world. Underestimating the enemy and incomplete diplomatic efforts played their role.

Three decades later we must record that Declaration of Independence was militarily and politically incomplete. We must affirm and revise the Declaration of Independence with our lives and refuse the idea of considering it to be over. The Republic of Artsakh, its people and all Armenians must open a new page of the Declaration of Independence every day. The only conclusion of the 30-year independent statehood lessons is Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora unity through the prism of new realities both with human and material resources.

The road to independence is not smooth. It takes decades. But if there is faith and will, the impossible becomes possible.

Addressing the Armenians of Artsakh today, we call not to despair, to be armed with patience, we are obliged to stand up for our share of the homeland by the will and destiny of God.

We pay tribute to all the heroes who stood on the path to 30 years of independence and firmly engraved the independence of Artsakh in indelible pages of history. We promise to be worthy of their memory and complete their unfinished work. We are aware of the difficulties awaiting us and we are determined. God is with us.