Artsakh Republic NA President Artur Tovmasyan Met with the Members of the "Justice" Faction
17 August 2021

August 17, the President of the Parliament received the members of the "Justice" faction.


Welcoming the members of the faction, the NA President introduced himself as the head of the parliament formally and informally presenting as well as information on unreported meetings and as the results expected and obtained explanation from them.

Artur Tovmasyan emphasized the activity of the Artsakh "Justice" party as an opposition force operating in the country, emphasizing: "If the government does not feel the breath of the opposition behind it, then it will literally stagnate".

The Head of the faction Davit Galstyan expressed satisfaction with the reception, shared the concerns of the faction and expressed hope that the meetings in such a scale will be continuous.

The necessity and importance of establishing a committee on Artsakh in the RA NA other issues related to the restoration and activation of inter-parliamentary ties between Artsakh and Armenia have been discussed at the meeting..

The NA President assured that they were ready to discuss any proposal submitted by the faction.