Artsakh Republic NA President Artur Tovmasyan Sent a Congratulatory Message to the Republic of Armenia National Assembly Newly Elected President Alen Simonyan
02 August 2021

Dear Mr. Simonyan!


On behalf of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly and myself, I congratulate you on your election as President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. Please convey the congratulations of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly as well to the NA Vice President to be elected, the chairmen of the standing committees, the heads of the factions, all the deputies.


In the 44-day war of autumn 2020, we lost not only a significant part of our motherland, but also the active contacts between the two fraternal republics, the cornerstone of which has already been laid by the first convocations of Armenia and Artsakh. I attach special importance to mutual visits at the level of the Heads of the two parliaments, factions, standing committees.


For us, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia is one of the unique platforms where we can discuss more specific and thematic issues.


We already have established traditions in terms of laws and political discussions between the parliaments of the two Armenian republics.


The parliaments of the previous convocations have accumulated enough experience for political debates, exchange of views, and their further expansion and deepening depends on the leaders of the two parliaments.


Today we are at the starting point of the upcoming joint activity. As we lay the foundation stone, so will the further work.


In this difficult and crucial period for both Armenian states, the Artsakh issue and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide are important. I think these are the two main issues on which both the government and the opposition are obliged to create a common political perception of the situation. It is a difficult path, but we must be optimistic and achieve success together. As Garegin Nzhdeh said, with my party, but for my nation. We are 140 deputies together. I am sure we will succeed.


God bless Armenia and the world.