President of the Artsakh Republic NA Artur Tovmasyan Made a Call for Unity on the Day of the First Republic of Armenia
28 May 2021

May 28 is the day of the First Republic of Armenia.

On May 28, 1918, the Armenian National Council announced the establishment of the independent Republic of Armenia. It lasted only two years, until December 2, 1920, when after entering the military units of the 11th Red Army the republic was Sovietized.

Today, when the Armenian statehood is again in danger, the day of the First Republic is even more valuable. Let us remember that in 1918 the first republic of Armenia was born in a very difficult situation. By defeating the Turkish army in Sardarapat, the Armenian troops were able to stop the Turkish invasion of Transcaucasia and save Armenia from complete destruction.

While remembering those historical days, let's unite and draw strength from the heroic spirit of our ancestors. Preservation of the Armenian identity is impossible without the Armenian statehood.

Today the Republic of Armenia needs a united will and united support of all Armenians. Divided Artsakh must have a strong, united Republic of Armenia and the Diaspora behind it.