Bruno Retailleau, Chairman of the Republican Party of the French Parliament (Senate), Sent a Letter of Thanks to NA President Artur Tovmasyan
06 April 2021

Bruno Retailleau, Chairman of the Republican Party faction at the French Senate, has addressed a letter of Thanks to Artur Tovmasyan, the Head of the Artsakh Parliament.

"Mr. President of the National Assembly,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your letter.

I am glad that the resolution adopted by our parliament was accepted as a sign of hope during these times of terrible trials and tragedies, which your people have faced with boundless courage.

I wish that this hope will come true as soon as possible for Artsakh to be able to create its future again in freedom and security.

And I accept your warm invitation to come and discover Artsakh and the people of Artsakh, when the conditions allow it.

Mr. President, reaffirming you my complete support, please accept my highest consideration.”