NA President Convened a Working Consultation
31 March 2021

March 31, the NA President Artur Tovmasyan held a working meeting to discuss, the topic of which is the issue of creating a working group in order to offer appropriate additions and amendments in the law "NA Rules Procedure".

According to Article 5, Part 2, Paragraph 31 of the Law “NA Rules of Procedure”, the NA President made a decision to create a working group in order to propose relevant amendments and additions to the “NA Rules of Procedure”. It will be composed of:

Group Leader: Gagik Baghunts - Head of the "United Motherland" faction, NA Vice-President, Head of the Group


Aram Grigoryan, "Free Motherland - UCA" faction

Davit Galstyan, Artsakh "Justice" faction

Arthur Mosiyan, "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" faction

Gegham Stepanyan, "Democratic Party of Artsakh" faction

Sevak Aghajanyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs

Anahit Kocharyan, Head of the Secretariat

Kamo Azatyan, Head of the Expert service

LIA ASRYAN, Head of the Legal Department

Group Secretary:

Lusine Dadayan, Chief Specialist of the Secretariat

The working group has been assigned to start the work from April 1 and finish on May 10, presenting proposals on making amendments and additions to the Law “NA Rules Procedure”.

Members of the working group were present at the meeting, who agreed on the schedule of organizing discussions.