Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement
defense, security, emergency situations, police, military-industrial complex, military-educational institutions, military and police services
Standing Committee on Foreign Relations
international agreements, foreign affairs and inter-parliamentary relations, harmonization of laws of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic with European legislation, tourism, press, radio, television
Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs
constitutional amendments, electoral system, public service, judiciary, justice, prosecutor's office, civil, criminal and administrative legislation, Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, territorial management, local self-government, human and civil rights and freedoms, law and notary services, children’s rights, parties and other public associations, religion, gender issues, national minorities
Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health
social security, problems of disability, labour, employment, housing conditions, demography and repatriation, health care, maternity and childhood
Standing Committee on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure
production, urban planning, power engineering, transport, communication, other branches of production sphere, trade and services, agriculture, natural resources, nature preservation
Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management
budget legislation, state budget, lendings, taxes, national currency, money circulation, internal and external investments, economic regulation, privatization, market infrastructures, banking system, financial institutions: taxes, dues, payments, territorial development, entrepreneurship, government estate administration, external economic relations, international agreement of financial and economic character
Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports
science, education, pulication, culture, youth, sport