Congratulatory Message of the Artsakh Republic NA Factions to all Armenians on the 33-year anniversary of the Artsakh National Liberation Movement
20 February 2021

Dear compatriots!

We heartily congratulate all of us on the occasion of Artsakh Revival Day.

The national liberation struggle of the Armenian people in the late 20th and early 21st centuries was embodied in Artsakh.

February 20, 1988 is a symbolic day, because 33 years ago, in these days of February, the cornerstone of a struggle was laid, which became the focus of the national thoughts of the Armenian people.

The Artsakh liberation movement has made the centuries-old dream of the Armenian people come true. Every event in the Armenian world has been launched and implemented during the last 33 years with the ideological potential received from Artsakh.

Artsakh returned dignity, will and determination to the Armenians to live. Armenians were no longer associated with genocide in the world. The liberation struggle of Artsakh revived the image of Armenians.

Alas, the Artsakh Republic is wounded today. The spirit and self-confidence of every Armenian is wounded. The joy of victory intoxicated us while and the ambushing enemy have prepared for new calamities to befall us.

The 44-day war of the bloody autumn of 2020 took away from us 3 quarters of our homeland and a whole generation. But Armenian willingness and determination to re-engage have never allowed despairing. The breath of the February renaissance, which sowed the spirit of struggle and the blood and sweat shed for our homeland and statehood should not allow us to bounce back.

t's time to reorganize, review every step and demonstrate our demands, it's time to show a punitive fist to all those who want to denigrate us and violate our rights.

The February courage should be our companion and pioneer and convey to us the spirit with which we will undoubtedly revive and build our victorious future.

Congratulating all of us again on the memorable holiday, we wish peace, prosperity and victories for the glory of our heroic people, the Republic of Artsakh.

Let the days of the February awakening open a new revival of Artsakh heroic page in the history book.